Rehabilitation Assistant
OVC Veterinary Student

Michael began his journey in veterinary medicine in 2014 when he began working as a veterinary assistant at two busy small animal clinics in downtown Toronto, but his love of animals far predates that. Michael grew up surrounded by family pets, regularly spending weekends at the Toronto Zoo, and helping to care for the huge variety of animals at his Nonni’s hobby farm.

Animals have always been a part of his life, so it came as no surprise when he pursued a career that allowed him to learn even more about his furry, feathery, and scaly friends. Following a BSc. in Life Sciences at Queen’s University where he specialized in neuroscience, Michael enrolled in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program at the Ontario Veterinary College. Currently entering his 3rd year, Michael’s professional interests include pain management, rehabilitation medicine, and wildlife conservation.

Michael is beyond excited to dive into the world of animal rehabilitation and learn everything he can from the incredible team here at Four Paws. Seeing the tremendous positive impact that rehabilitation can have for patients facing a variety of challenges, Michael has decided to pursue a CCRP certification following the completion of his DVM degree.

When not at work Michael enjoys running, playing soccer, rock climbing, exploring the great outdoors and hanging out with his 15-year-old sheltie Scottie who is lucky to be a Four Paws alumnus.

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